Photo Links (High Resolution Media Images)

Fact Sheets, Background Information, Biographies

  • ToutSuite Social Club Fact Sheet  pdf
  • Susan Quinn, Founder + CEO Biography  pdf
  • Didier Loustau, Founder + President Biography  pdf

Press Releases

  • ToutSuite Social Club- ‘Live Interactive Access + Experiences’ Media Release pdf

Outside Press + Blog Stories

  • North Bay Biz: “Next-Gen Community Building and a Flash in a Bottle” by Christina Julian December, 2011Link
  • Beverage Media Group: “The Connection” November, 2011 pdf
  • Mutineer Magazine Blog: “Mutineer Magazine Celebrates Inspired Voices of the Beverage Revolution: ToutSuite Social Club” 11/3/2011 Link
  • Mutineer Magazine: “Inspired Beverage Voices, Napa Valley” by Alan Kropf November, 2011 pdf
  • North Bay Startup: ToutSuite: Napa’s Tastiest Startup 11/2/2011 Link
  • Mutineer Magazine Blog: “The Mutiny is Spreading to Napa Valley” by Brian Kropf 10/24/2011Link
  • Tablehopper, 707 Scout: “Meet Your (Charbay) Maker and tablehopper exclusive” by Deirdre Bourdet 10/18/2011 Link
  • SF Gate, Inside Scoop: “Napa’s New ToutSuite wants you whack that rabbit then tweet about it” by Carey Sweet 10/14/2011 Link
  • Napa Valley Register: “New firm connects Napa and the world – online” by Holly Nuss 10/1/2011 Link
  • The Two Forks: “Tacos + Tequila… Tout Suite!” 9/11/2011 Link
  • AficioNada: “ToutSuite, Tastings in the Dark & My Star Tur” 8/30/ 2011 Link
  • Fare to Remember: “Tacos + Tequila” 8/30/2011 Link
  • Hedonism Ink: “Make Me Laugh, Tout Suite” 8/25/2011 Link
  • Napavore: “Hello!: ToutSuite Social Club” 8/1/2011 Link
  • Winetology /The Noble Rot: ‘ToutSuite Social Club” 7/30/2011  Link